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Dispenser Packs: Milkshake & Soda Straws

Plastic drinking straws are our specialty.
All our straws are now available in regular plastic or biodegradable plastic.

Ever since the advent of the artificial drinking straw by Marvin Stone in 1888, plastic drinking straws have become an essential drinking accessory for a variety of events. What’s more, manufacturing and distributing plastic drinking straws is one of our specialties – just think of us as your go-to drinking straw manufacturer. As always, our plastic drinking straws carry our stamp of quality that comes through years of experience and product refinement.

At Western Plastics, our straws are made of premium materials that offer durable quality to last through numerous uses. These drinking straws are great in any industry for parties, banquets, and other gatherings. We offer a wide variety of plastic drinking straws manufactured and packaged to fulfill various customer needs, and we aim to offer the greatest variety of straw shapes, sizes and colors available online. Biodegradable straws are eco-friendly and reduce waste.

We have a drinking straw that’s perfect for any occasion.
Western Plastics provides numerous kinds of drinking straws that are great for all occasions, ranging from slender cocktail straws to jumbo milkshake straws. From sipping fresh lemonade in the summer to a tall glass of milk with cookies or a cocktail after a long day’s work, our drinking straws provide a comfortable and efficient drinking experience.

  drinking straws
62173 8" White Jumbo Milkshake Straws ( 30 x 150 )
63172 8" White Regular Milkshake Straws ( 30 x 250 )
64171 8" White Slender Straws ( 30 x 500 )
62193 9 1/2" White Jumbo Milkshake Straws ( 30 x 150 )
63192 9 1/2" White Regular Milkshake Straws ( 30 x 250 )
64191 9 1/2" White Slender Soda Straws ( 30 x 500 )

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