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Gerbera Sleeves/Straws. Biodegradable Gerbera Sleeves.

Flowers bring beauty wherever they are – especially when they’re standing straight and tall with crisp leaves and moist petals. Western Plastics manufactures plastic gerbera sleeves that will help optimize any flower’s beauty to keep it looking radiant and vibrant long after cutting. Our plastic gerbera sleeves help support delicate flower stems to bring out the best in any floral arrangement.

gerberasBring out the best in your flowers.
With plastic gerbera sleeves from Western Plastics, flowers can handle transport periods much better. Gerbera sleeves help to support the stem so they will not wilt, before reaching their final destination. Whether part of an intricate centerpiece at a banquet or a single flower sent to brighten a friend’s day, our goal is to make your flowers look their best.

Our plastic gerbera sleeves give flowers the support they need.
We have developed many long-lasting relationships within the floral industry. Businesses depend on us to provide them supplies that are high quality, and most importantly, won’t detract from their masterful flower creations. At Western Plastics we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. Our plastic gerbera sleeves are made of durable materials that have a clear, delicate quality. They look almost invisible on the stem so as not to catch attention, yet they are rigid and strong to provide maximum support to any flower stem.

We offer plastic gerbera sleeves in a variety of diameters so you can choose the sleeve that will best protect each individual flower. Now we can manufacture gerbera sleeves either in regular plastic or biodegradable plastic.


33087    3/8”x 8” Clear Gerbera Sleeves ( 6 x 250 )
gerbera sleeves bulk pack
33587   3/8” x 8” Green Gerbera Sleeves ( 6 x 250 )
32086    7/16” x 8” Clear Gerbera Sleeves ( 6 x 175 )
32586   7/16” x 8” Green Gerbera Sleeves ( 6 x 175 )
93086   11/32” x 8” Clear Gerbera Sleeves ( 7 x 250 )
93586   11/32” x 8” Green Gerbera Sleeves ( 7 x 250 )
 10087    3/8” x 8” Clear Gerbera Sleeves ( 1,600 )
10587   3/8” x 8” Green Gerbera Sleeves ( 1,600 )
10086   7/16” x 8” Clear Gerbera Sleeves ( 1,200 )
10586   7/16” x 8” Green Gerbera Sleeves ( 1,200 )
17086    11/32” x 8” Clear Gerbera Sleeves ( 2000 )
17586     11/32” x 8” Green Gerbera Sleeves ( 2,000 )


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