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Plastic Coffee Stir Sticks & Biodegradable Coffee Stir Sticks

coffee stir sticks closeup

Drinking coffee is more than just a habit…it’s a daily ritual. And it has become a way of life for many people worldwide. Western Plastics specializes in the manufacturing of coffee stir sticks that have become so popular in today’s coffee and tea market. They’re a must for any coffee drinker, whether it’s one cup a day or three.

Plastic out-weighs wood for a paramount coffee experience.
Plastic stir sticks are superior to many wooden stirrers on the market today. Wooden sticks can often break down in coffee. And they even can have an unlikable taste that can easily permeate a drink and ruin the coffee flavor. Using a Western Plastics durable, plastic stir stick will make any morning coffee ritual the most delectable and satisfying experience possible. At Western Plastics we have created our coffee stir sticks with a distinctive, unique shape which results in a far more rigid, and superior quality.

Western Plastics offers the first chose in coffee stir sticks.
For decades Western Plastics has specialized in creating plastic coffee stir sticks that have become the Holy Grail for our loyal customers. Western Plastics offers the first choice in coffee stir sticks that will enhance every coffee encounter.

All our coffee stir sticks are available in regular plastic or biodegradable plastic.

COFFEE STIR STICKS coffee stir sticks
19854 4 1/2" Black Stir Sticks ( 5,000 )
95854 4 1/2" Black Stir Sticks ( 12 x 1,000 )
19864 6" Black Stir Sticks ( 5,000 )
27864 6" Black Stir Sticks ( 3 x 2,000 )
45864 6" Black Stir Sticks ( 10 x 1,000 )


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