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Western Plastics - Manufacturer of Biodegradable Drinking Straws,
Coffee Stir Sticks & Other Biodegradable Plastic Products

Western Plastics now eco friendlyoffers all of our popular products in biodegradable materials: biodegradable drinking straws, biodegradable coffee stir sticks, biodegradable cocktail straws, etc.

Established in 1972, Western Plastics is the premier manufacturer, providing the needs for today, and tomorrows, Clients.

Western Plastics offers a broad range of products, manufactured in the standard, or biodegradable, resins for the Plastics Industry. We specialize in Drinking Straws, Sleeves and Coffee Stir Sticks. We have the skill, dedication, and commitment, necessary to create invaluable products for the ever-changing markets.

Wholesale Biodegradable Plastic Products

Western Plastics Inc. was established in British Columbia (BC) Canada over 30 years ago to offer a variety of exciting products within the plastics industry. Our unique products have a universal appeal that are perfect for numerous industries and purposes with clientele ranging from large business corporations and franchises to individual consumer use. We offer our products in bulk and retail pack sizes.

Western Plastics Inc. is pleased to offer Eco-friendly Biodegradable Products that are priced competitively, and have the same mechanical characteristics as our traditional products. The revolutionary Additive formula, when combined with our polypropylene resin, makes our products biodegrade, while maintaining their desired characteristics.

Our Biodegradable Products:

  • Will fully biodegrade within twenty four months, once disposed with other products (anaerobically and aerobically):
    1. In Landfills.
    2. Submerged in the soil.
    3. In Agricultural and erosion-control settings.
  • Are recyclable.
  • Do not require heat, light or mechanical stress to biodegrade.
  • Do not require special handling.
  • Do not contain heavy metals (unlike most Oxo-degradable products).
  • Will maintain the same shelf life as our non-degradable products.
  • Proudly made in Canada.

We, at Western Plastics, want to partner with you, and achieve our mutual goal for an Eco-Friendly Environment.

Biodegradable Drinking Straws
Biodegradable Coffee Stir Sticks

drinking strawsWestern Plastics provides numerous kinds of drinking straws that are great for all occasions, such as clear drinking straws, milkshake straws, cocktail straws, super cocktail straws, mega/bubble tea straws and jumbo drinking straws
drinking strawsWestern Plastics offers the first choice in coffee stir sticks that will enhance every coffee encounter. Our coffee stir sticks come in various sizes and packs.

Biodegradable Gerbera Sleeves/Straws
Biodegradable Dental Straw Aspirators

drinking strawsWestern Plastics manufacturers gerbera straws/sleeves that keep the gerbera stems straight. Our gerbera sleeves are available in translucent and green colours.
drinking straws Western Plastics provides disposable plastic dental straw aspirators to be used with straw tip holders.Our high quality dental aspirators are durable and strong.

Biodegradable Sleeves for Tree Core Samples
Eco-cycle Floral Nettings

tree core sleeves Our sleeves for tree core sampling are sturdy and reliable and made to withstand the handling and transporting of samples.
floral nettings Our floral nettings are ideal for protecting the delicate Floral petals.

Plastic Stakes
Paper Straws

plastic stakes Our Plastic Stakes serve many purposes, including posting signs on Lawns. These Stakes are available with either a straight cut, or an angle cut
paper straws We are pleased to introduce Certified, Paper Straws, which are available in Bulk and Retail packs!
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